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Ahhh....old times
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Thread: Ahhh....old times

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    Ah, Windows 95 reminds me of the old days, of my first computer.... everything possible always went wrong, always crashed, froze every day, pentium 2, Dial-Up internet......(dial-up sucks), I just reminds me of how everything posssible was slow, and worked like crap, it makes me so greatful that we have windows XP, and cable internet.

    For those that used to have, or still have windows 95, share all of your problems, and complaints!
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    My first computer was a Pentium II. Actually, it was my second computer. My first one was some piece of shit Compac.

    Anyways, my PII was one of the most expensive back in '98. I think my dad paid $1,200 or something for it. No Windows 95, it had the brand new Windows 98. Then, my dad bought DSL. Worked wonders. It was a great computer, and I had it until '03 when I got in trouble and my parents sold it. At that time, I had every Sims game on it, and it gave me no troubles. I also had Wireless internet, too.

    Oh, the good old days.

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    The first computer we had, had 3.1. If we still had it, I bet it would work great.

    Anyway, we had some relatives that were moving south and they gave us their computer that had windows 95 on it. It didnt work to well; always died.

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