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    i want to know that how can i break windows password (log in password) if i have forgatten it.

    question no 2.
    my system is restart while i used win2k but before two days i started my ststem then select windows 2k OS option and hit enter after that win2k screen comes and checking disk on black screen after checking system is rebooted.
    tell soluction my problem.

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    There are programs on the Internet that can reset the password on a windows machine. If you do a google search you can find some without much trouble. I found one that makes a bootable CD and then you can reset the password like that. Alternately, if you are an administrator, you can reset the password for a user using computer management and clicking on users and groups. As to your second question, I can’t understand what you’re saying; your English is not very good.

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    You can use Actve@ Password Changer tool to reset lost or forgotten windows password.

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