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Thread: Ubuntu trouble

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    Ubuntu trouble

    I installed the latest glibc manually and now my computer sucks, I've removed all my build tools in trying to fix it and I caN'T GO BACK TO THE UBUNTU ONE UNLESS i UNINSTALL LIKE ALL MY PROGRAMS THAT DEPEND ON IT. I was a big ubuntu fan til now. I gotta go to bed, this is like the worst day ever. 6 hours in front of my linux box and I messed it up and got nowhere with what I was trying to do. any ideas on how I can downgrade my glibc without loosing my apps would be greatly appreatted.



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    I don't think you can, anything compiled against the newer version will want the newer version.

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    Why don't you just manually install the version you replaced? I am assuming that by manually you mean you placed the libraries yourself? Just download the version you replaced and manually place the libraries.

    Then again, it might be cleaner to just reinstall. Thats how I learned, I broke things. Then reinstalled, alot.
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    If you bring up Synaptic Package Manager is it shown as installed?

    If its installed you should be able to do the complete uninstall and that will take everything that belongs to glibc.

    Or not.

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