A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a common security measure implemented by companies for access to their internal network. If a company uses Microsoft's VPN server, you may be required to setup your own VPN connection on your computer. If you haven't done this before, it may seem confusing but this tutorial will help you setup your own VPN connection.

There are several ways to setup a Virtual Private Network Connection on Windows XP. To setup a connection to connect to another machine or network via VPN:Open Control Panel and Network Connections. On the left hand side, choose Create a new connection to setup a new connection via VPN.Click Next.Choose ?Connect to the network at my workplace? and click Next.Click Virtual Private Network connection and click Next.Enter the company name of the connection and click Next.Enter the IP Address or hostname of the server you are connecting to. Your company or Help Desk should provide this information to you. Click Next. Click Finish to complete the connection wizard. You can now connect to your VPN or cancel and connect later.ou now have a new icon in your Network settings for your VPN connection. You may be required to setup a dialup connection before connecting to the VPN