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Make Windows XP Look Like Windows ME or 2000
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Thread: Make Windows XP Look Like Windows ME or 2000

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    Microsoft designed Windows XP with a different look and feel from previous operating systems. When you first experience the user environment, you may or may not like it. In my case, I didn't like it, but I decided to give it a chance before moving back to the look and feel of Windows 2000. After a few weeks of use, I got accustomed to the Windows XP environment and now I have it on by default on all of my machines.

    For user training issues, or just because you like the "Windows Classic" look, you may want to change your computer to look like the days of old. With Windows XP, it's a simple thing to change to the old ways or keep the new look. In addition, you can change the Start menu to the old look or keep it, and change the theme to the old or keep it, separately.

    To change your theme to the Windows Classic theme, right-click on your desktop and choose "Properties". Click on the Pull Down List labeled "Theme":
    Change the theme to Windows Classic. Click OK to apply and save these settings.

    Next, we can choose to keep the Start menu in the new Windows XP fashion or change it to look like the old Start Menu. Right-click anywhere on the taskbar where there isn't an icon and choose properties:
    Next, click on the Start Menu tab at the top, then choose "Classic Start menu". Click OK to apply and save your changes.
    ongratulations! Your environment has returned to the look of old, the Windows Classic look.

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    First go the desktop and right click and go in to propertise the first thing youl notice is themes.Change it to another (there is one similar to ME/2000) If you want to change the Control Panel look.Then go simply in to the Control panel and in the left upper korner youl find "change to Classic wiew

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