You receive a "No camera available" error message when you try to use a camera in OneNote 2003

When you try to use a camera in Microsoft Office OneNote 2003, you may receive the following error message:

No camera available. Make sure the camera is correctly installed and connected.

Note If you test the camera in the Tuning Wizard, the camera may test successfully.

This issue may occur when you try to use a camera that supports Video for Windows (VFW) in OneNote 2003.

To resolve this issue, use a camera that supports the Windows Device Model (WDM).

Most new video capture devices use WDM drivers. In the WDM architecture, Microsoft supplies a set of hardware-independent drivers, that is named class drivers, and the hardware vendor provides hardware-specific minidrivers. A minidriver implements any functions that are specific to the device. For most functions, the minidriver calls the Microsoft class driver.

Some earlier capture devices still use VFW drivers. Although these drivers are now obsolete, they are supported in Microsoft DirectShow through the VFW Capture filter.

For more information about DirectShow, visit the following Microsoft Web site
OneNote 2003 only supports devices that support the WDM and does not support the earlier VFW model. VFW devices include most video capture cards and the ATI All-in-Wonder card.

For more information about troubleshooting problems with video recordings, click Microsoft Office OneNote Help on the Help menu, type troubleshoot video recordings in the Search for box in the Assistance pane, and then click Start searching to view the topic.

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