Video Player Hangs When You Change Screen Resolution

If your video player uses Qdvd.dll and uses DirectShow, your video player might stop responding (hang) when you change the screen resolution.

For example, this issue may occur if you are using the Graphedt.ext tool from the Microsoft Direct Show SDK to show video from a TV card in Microsoft Windows 2000. When you change the screen resolution from 1024 X 768 to 800 X 600, Graphedt.exe hangs and then quits.

This issue is caused by a problem with Qdvd.dll in Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me), Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition, and Microsoft Windows 98. A "STATUS_STACK_OVERFLOW" exception is caused by Qdvd.dll when you change the screen resolution.

To resolve this issue, install DirectX 9.0. The Qdvd.dll DLL in DirectX 9.0 corrects this problem. To install DirectX 9.0, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

This problem does not occur with Qdvd.dll in Microsoft Windows XP.

Note that the DirectX runtime is included in the DirectX Software Development Kit.


? Microsoft DirectX 8.1b
? Microsoft DirectX 6.0
? Microsoft DirectX 6.0
? Microsoft DirectX 7.0
? Microsoft DirectX 8.0
? Microsoft DirectX Software Development Kit 8.0a
? Microsoft DirectX 8.1