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A Quick Question
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Thread: A Quick Question

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    About a few days ago, I ordered from Compaq a Quick Restore CD for the Presario 5000 (Model 5410US), and the lady on the telephone offered a "Software Enhancer."

    On Friday, I received these CDs (3 QR CDs, 5 Software Enhancer CDs), and I have restored my computer. However, my questions are: What are these CDs? What do they do?


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    They enhance you PC I guess.

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    Software enhancer was started in P3 systems, Intel offered them as a caching system to applications that you use. If you're using Windows XP you likely don't need these software enhancers because windows now has it's own "Prefetch" folder where it caches your frequently used programs.

    Hope that answers the question.

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