How to Configure Outlook Express to Use a Hotmail Account

This article describes how to configure Outlook Express to send and receive e-mail messages from a Hotmail e-mail account.

If you are using Outlook 97, 98, or 2000, this article does not apply. For additional information about using Outlook 97, 98, or 2000 with Hotmail, click the article numbers below to view the articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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Use the following steps to manually configure Outlook Express to use a Hotmail account:

1. If you do not already have a Hotmail account, go to the following Hotmail Web site and sign up for an account:
2. Start Outlook Express, and then click Accounts on the Tools menu.
3. Click Add, and then click Mail.
4. In the Display name box, type your name, and then click Next.
5. In the E-mail address box, type your Hotmail address, and then click Next.
6. Click HTTP in the My incoming mail server is box. If Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is not an available choice, you are using an earlier version of Outlook Express that does not support Hotmail.

To upgrade your version of Outlook Express, view the following Microsoft Update Web site:

7. In the My HTTP mail service provider is box, click Hotmail.
8. Confirm that "" (without quotation marks) is in the Incoming mail (POP3), IMAP or HTTP server box, and then click Next.

9. In the Account name box, type your Hotmail account name.
10. In the Password box, type your password, click Next, and then click Finish.

Your new account appears on the Mail tab of the Internet Accounts dialog box.
11. Click Close. At the prompt to download folders from the mail server that you added, click Yes.

? Microsoft Outlook Express 5.5
? Microsoft Outlook Express 5.01 Service Pack 2
? Microsoft Outlook Express 5.0
? Microsoft Outlook Express 5.01
? Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0