This article is meant to address frequently asked questions regarding programming issues in SQL Server 2000, version 8.0.


1. Q: Does SQL Server 2000 come with a new version of DB-Library?

A: No. DB-Library has not been enhanced for SQL Server 2000. SQL Server 2000 includes the same features that the SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0 DB-Library contains.
2. Q. Can ODBC 6.5 drivers be used to connect to SQL Server 2000?

A. SQL Server 2000 is designed to be backwards-compatible with older ODBC applications. This means that the following can be accomplished:

? An application written to connect to SQL Server 6.5 that uses ODBC 6.5 drivers can connect to SQL Server 2000.
? The SQL Server 2000 ODBC drivers can connect to SQL Server 6.5.
? A legacy application that must connect to SQL Server 2000 can be flagged as a 6.5-compatible ODBC application using the odbccmpt utility. For further details, see SQL Server 2000 Books Online.

Note, however, that exceptions do exist. For details about these exceptions, see the "Backwards Compatibility Details" topic in SQL Server 2000 Books Online.
3. Q: Where can I find the MDAC redist file with SQL Server 2000?

A: A copy of Sqlredis.exe is included on the SQL Server 2000 CD in the \MSEQ\x86\odbc folder.
4. Q: Is it possible to attach properties/variables to the SQL-NS statement?

A: No. SQL-NS only provides access to the UI dialogs. You cannot preset values for the dialogs.