How to import and export information in OneNote 2003

This article describes how to export and how to import information in Microsoft Office OneNote 2003.

OneNote 2003

In OneNote 2003, there is no import feature for other programs. To import content from other programs into OneNote 2003, you can use copy and paste.

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Microsoft Windows Journal
You cannot import ink content from Windows Journal in OneNote 2003. You can copy and paste Windows Journal content in OneNote 2003 as a picture, but you cannot edit the ink content and you cannot search or use other OneNote 2003 inking features with the content. You can convert the ink into text in Windows Journal and paste the text in OneNote 2003.

You can export OneNote 2003 files or MHTML files from OneNote 2003. To do this, follow these steps:

1. On the File menu, click Save As.
2. In the Save as type box, click OneNote Sections or click Single Web Page (Publish a copy).
3. Click Save.

When you save as a single Web page, the file is saved in MHTML format. MHTML files are readable in most Internet browsers.

Other Programs
There is no export feature in OneNote 2003 for other programs. For all other programs you can copy and paste the content from OneNote 2003.


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