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Thread: Norway goes open source

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    Norway goes open source

    From News:- Every Norwegian citizen will have his or her own home page and on government servers.

    And Norwegian Minister of Modernisation, Morten Andreas Meyer has also promised Norway will abandon proprietary software and, "transfer to open source," says

    "Meyer made references to " the spreadsheet almost everyone uses" and commented that this would be the last time he made a presentation using the software.

    "The Norwegian Competition Authority is reportedly considering investigating Microsoft after a recent deal with schools left other competitors' software blocked," says the story, adding:

    "The announcement will be seen as a serious blow to the credibility of Microsoft's initiative to sell e-government software."

    Britain continues to explore using open source instead of software made by Bill and the Boyz, saying it could save millions of badly needed pounds

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    That is a civilized country!

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