HOW TO: Create and Use a Frames Page in FrontPage 2000

Microsoft FrontPage uses an intuitive interface to create, edit, and manage frames pages. This article provides additional information about creating and editing frames pages, what the different views are, and how the frames pages work in conjunction with shared borders.

A frames page is a special Web page that defines a set of named, scrollable regions, in which other pages are displayed. Initially, each frame contains three buttons:

Set Initial Page: Refers to the Web page that is displayed the first
time you open a frames page in your Web browser. When
you click Set Initial Page, the Create Hyperlink
dialog box appears. You can then select which page
you want to be displayed in the frame.

New Page: Creates a new, blank page in the current frame. You
can set this page as the initial page that will be
displayed when you open the frames page in your Web

Help: Opens the "Getting Started with Frames" Help topic,
which provides a quick-start guide to using frames.

When you create a frames page with Microsoft FrontPage in a web view, two additional tabs will appear at the bottom of the Page view window. These are:

No Frames: Shows how the content will appear when a browser that
does not support frames is used to open the page.

Frames Page HTML: Shows the frames page HyperText Markup Language
(HTML) code, which consists of the <HTML>, <BODY>,
<FRAMESET>, and <FRAME> tags. Other HTML tags,
normally used in HTML documents, are not valid tags
in a frameset page.

Creating a Frames Page
1. On the File menu, point to New and the click Page.
2. Click the Frames Pages tab.
3. Select the frames page you want to use. Note that when you select a frames page, a description and preview appear to the right of the frames list.
4. Click OK.

Resizing a Frames Page
To resize a frame, drag the frame border to resize the frame area.

Splitting a Frame
To split a frame, hold down CTRL and drag the frame border. A new frames page will be inserted next to the original frames page.

Deleting a Frame
To delete a frame, select the frame and then click Delete Frame on the Frames menu.

For more information about frames, click Microsoft FrontPage Help on the Help menu, type frames pages, creating in the Answer Wizard, and then click Search to view the topic.

For a Microsoft FrontPage 98 version of this article, see 174842.

? Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Standard Edition