HOW TO: View a Page as Full Screen in FrontPage 2000

When you open an HTML page from a FrontPage web in Page view of FrontPage 2000, FrontPage will display the page along with a list of folders in the web and a list of other views that are available. This article describes how to make the page appear full screen.

View the Page Full Screen in Page View
1. Open the page you want to display full screen.
2. Disable the Folder List. To do this, click Folder List (if it is selected), from the View menu.
3. Disable the Views bar. To do this, click Views Bar (if it is selected), from the View menu.

Now you have the full width of the screen to work with. If you want to activate the Folder list or the Views bar, repeat steps two and three from the previous list of steps.

You can manipulate the display of the Folder list and Views bar on a window by window basis. To create new windows to the same web, click New Window from the Windows menu in FrontPage 2000. A separate instance of FrontPage will appear on your Windows Task bar for each new window.


? Microsoft FrontPage 2000 Standard Edition