Files and Settings Transfer Wizard. Designed for home users and small office users. The wizard is also useful in a corporate network environment for employees who get a new computer and need to migrate their own files and settings without the support of an IT department or Helpdesk.

Files and Settings Transfer Wizard Overview
This section provides a summary of the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard. This tool is aimed at individual users in a home or small office environment, allowing them to migrate all of their files and settings.

Benefits of the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
The wizard provides a quick and straightforward way for users to copy their files and settings and resume optimal productivity on their new computer or new installation of Windows. The wizard makes it easier to move to Windows XP through reduced:

? Downtime re-personalizing the desktop.
? Downtime finding missing work files.
? Need to call technical support with re-personalizing the desktop.
? Ramp-up time using the new operating system.

Migrated Settings
The settings fall into four major groups:

? Appearance. This includes items such as wallpaper, colors, sounds, and the location of the taskbar.
? Action. This includes items such as the key repeat rate, whether double-clicking a folder opens it in a new window or the same window, and whether you need to double-click or single-click an item to open it.
? Internet. These are the settings that let you connect to the Internet and control how your browser operates. This includes items such as your home page URL, favorites or bookmarks, cookies, security settings, dial-up connections, and proxy settings.
? Mail. This includes the information you need to connect to your mail server, your signature file, views, mail rules, local mail, and contacts. The mail clients supported are Outlook? and Outlook Express.

Application settings
The wizard currently supports migrating specific application settings including Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Outlook?, PowerPoint?, and Word). Support for migrating additional applications will be included when Windows XP is released.

Note that only applications settings are migrated; actual applications are not migrated. Users still need to re-install applications on your new computer.

Summary of migrated settings

Migrated setting groups include:

? Internet Explorer settings
? Outlook Express settings and store
? Outlook settings and store
? Dial-Up connections
? Phone and modem options
? Accessibility
? Screen saver selection
? Fonts
? Folder options
? Taskbar settings
? Mouse and keyboard settings
? Sounds settings
? Regional options
? Office settings
? Network drives and printers
? Desktop folder
? My Documents folder
? My Pictures folder
? Favorites folder
? Cookies folder
? Common Office file types

Migrated Files

Files are migrated by file type (.DOC), folder (C:\My Documents), or specific name (C:\Important\money.mny). The wizard copies many of the common file types and folders by default and gives you the option of adding or removing folders, file types, or specific files.

To start the wizard

? Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.

For detailed guidance in using the wizard in different scenarios, see Step-by-Step Guide to Migrating Files and Settings at