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SP2: is it good for go ??
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Thread: SP2: is it good for go ??

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    My computer store says it's ok to load up SP2 now because my install is fresh and they are now installing all new computers with SP2...Anything new on this? Is SP2 still no good ?? Anybody got any thoughts or facts on this??? :unsure:

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    i don't know the facts but i think it could be time to start installing it!

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    IF your NOT having any Problems with Windows, dont bother installl it.

    My Dad tired to put it on, and it BONED hes PC hard.

    Woundent even start up. Took forever to restora, and the it took 5 mins to Start up, cause SP2 was half on half off.

    Had to reformat to fiX it in the enD

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