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Something I noticed
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Thread: Something I noticed

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    I don't know why, but this has happened on my PC on several occasions.

    If you play Winamp 5.X while playing Windows Media Player 9.0, Winamp gets corrupted and you have to reinstall Winamp. Basically when it gets corrupted, when you click to play a song, it just closes Winamp. Windows Media Player will work fine.

    Does anyone know why this may be occuring? Maybe it is just one of Microsoft&#39;s ideas to make everyone use their products. <_<

    It doesn&#39;t happen each time I play them both at one time. Only happens when I played a song on WMP and then played one on Winamp at the same time. Playing two videos won&#39;t hurt anything.


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    Get rid of WMP and use Media Player Classic
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    I always did like Classic better. I never use WMP anymore since Winamp 5.5 has some improvements in video playback, but sometimes it can be useful.

    Winamp is by far better than WMP, but both have their flaws.

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