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Thread: FreeBSD Installing Stuff.

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    FreeBSD Installing Stuff.

    When I last tried FreeBSD, I liked it but for the fact I didn't install X and I couldn't figure out how to either. I was wondering if one of you knew how to do it. Example: installpkg *.tgz or rpm -ivh *.rpm. For FreeBSD, what are the packages called or their extensions? Thi s is just out of curiosity. Please answer in your leisure.

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    Re:FreeBSD Installing Stuff.

    "pkg_add <package_name>" is all that's needed. I think they use .tar.gz or .tgz files.

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    Re:FreeBSD Installing Stuff.

    You can install XF86 from the CD-Rom, just run `/stand/sysinstall' and swim through the menus. Alternatively you can run `pkg_add -r XFree86'.

    FreeBSD is the one of the easiest operating system to use, once you get the hang of it. Just remember that the handbook is your best friend.

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    Re:FreeBSD Installing Stuff.

    Thanks! I was wondering...

    *goes off to try installing FreeBSD*

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    Re:FreeBSD Installing Stuff.

    If you want X when installing, select X+developer for the type of installation. That will get you up a running.

    Welcome to the BSD world! ;D

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    Re:FreeBSD Installing Stuff.

    Alright! Thanks!

    Thanks for the Welcome!. ;D

    [edit] Successfully Installed FreeBSD [/edit]

    Unfortunately, when I enter xinit or startx there is no command.

    but there is an empty /etc/X11 and X11R6 but I have no Idea how to start the X-server and um...updatedb doesn't work for some reason. Why?

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    Re:FreeBSD Installing Stuff.

    Looks like you didn't install X. :-\

    You can check by doing:

    pkg_info | grep XFree86

    Also, you might want to make your own ~/.xinitrc. No biggie.

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    Re:FreeBSD Installing Stuff.

    [quote author=Master Copy link=board=10;threadid=9025;start=0#msg81930 date=1082314179]
    Looks like you didn't install X. :-\

    You can check by doing:

    pkg_info | grep XFree86

    Also, you might want to make your own ~/.xinitrc. No biggie.

    Sorry for the late reply but I chose the FUll Standard Install and it said installing XFree86 a couple of times and I still didn't get it working. I tried adding:

    pkg_add XFree86-4.3.0.tbz

    but it didn't work so I got really tired and replaced it with good old Slackware 9.1

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    Re:FreeBSD Installing Stuff.

    I just installed Freebsd 5.3 recently and having a hard time getting anything to work smoothly.

    I installed the basic from the internet instead of cd, so maybe I will do a reinstall and use the cd for basic stuff.

    I had to install xorg and it seems to be working, well I guess it is, but I had hard time getting gnome2 installed, errors. So I installed Xfce4 which seems to be working but couldn't get mozilla to work.

    Any ideas/suggestions on this?

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    Re:FreeBSD Installing Stuff.

    I reinstalled Freebsd 5.3 but may have a bad ISO. I tried installing everything but after awhile it went into a loop trying to install Perl and some dependencies.

    So then I installed from a FTP site using the Everything choice. I'm still having a few problems but is posting this using Freebsd.

    I have Xfce4 & Mozilla installed but when I click the mozilla icon, it takes about 5 or so minutes to come up.

    Any ideas?


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