I need some final work to be done, but thats where you guys (and gals) can aid me.

You can either:

1) Message/Post/email me the name of a few packages that arent in the standard FC6 repos or in livna (since most use that, but if the package is there thats fine, I use vms for builds and testing).

2) Test it yourself. Build a vm in xen, parallels, or vmware. Back it up. Rename it master. After building a package this is used to restore a test environment. Clone it or copy it to a work area (twice at first since you are also going to need a build area). Make the rpm and srpm here. Copy those files from the build area to the test are and test them out. Once assured as decent rpms, let me know.

Once I get 20-25 packages tested, or submitted (those submitters will get early access to the repo), the repo's name and setup info will be posted. Right now, all I can do is FC6, and soon I will spearhead CentOS as well. Once a process is definined, I hope to see a Ubuntu one, a Arch one, and soforth. Again, once the process is defined. I prefer to keep the community in charge to a degree, but if this is to hold OpenFree's name on it, I think Peter should be our benelovent dictator, right?