I have some important news for the membership. I have decided to expand OpenFree.org by merging a much smaller forum (msforums.org) into it.

The site focuses on Microsoft products and is not very active. To this point, in recent months some forums were hijacked by spammers but I think these should be easily cleaned up.

As Linux adoption expands, users will find themselves increasingly supporting Windows. Surprisingly, there are few sites out there for Linux users who also need some Windows help.

I wondered about the possibility of incompatibilities between the two memberships. I specifically chose msforums.org because the members seemed to be conscientious, and ego free. If we maintain the fair but firm moderation stance of OpenFree.org, it should succeed well.

With the LJR merger, I remember saying "There are forum sites consisting of plantations of featureless users, and Las Vegas style sites that are a little bit of everything. OpenFree needs to be the place where Linux users can chill out and talk about Linux, or whatever else."

This remains true, but recent developments between Microsoft and Novell, even if the motives are questionable, have changed the landscape slightly. Linux users and administrators will need to talk about the challenges of Linux, its integration with Windows and the support of Windows users who don't want to or cannot convert.

The site is growing steadily, and with this move, it should remain so for the foreseeable future. I want OpenFree.org to be vibrant and relevant so that it reflects the dynamic world of operating systems.

Comments welcome.