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Thread: ubuntu and external hard drive

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    ubuntu and external hard drive

    G'day everyone,

    Trying to install ubuntu on my external USB drive. I don't want to install grub on my ide drive in the mbr. So......

    How do I partition the external drive so it will boot ubuntu??? Where do I install grub?

    If you need more info, please ask and I will try and reply ASAP.


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    Perhaps these few threads could be of interest:Booting from Firewire disk, Boot from USB disk and USB pendrive
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    thanks redhead, will see if the links help

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    My bios supports booting from the USB drive, so..........

    do I make a partition (/boot) and install grub in that??

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    well......... I believe I have this figured out. After a few failed attempts I may have it.

    and to think I used to install straight debian from a floppy net install..... got to knock the rust off and get reaquainted with linux.....

    will let you know if the latest install works and how I got it to work.

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    yeee doggie, heh heh, installed and booting from external USB drive.

    What I did was disconnect my ide drive, so that grub wold install to hd0, it's set there by default. My other attempts failed so this was the easiest way for me to go.

    Now when I want to use ubuntu I just turn on my USB drive's power switch and boot her up. When the power switch is off the ide (windows drive) boots.

    Thanks for the help people..... now let's see what I can break and see if something "wicked" happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bagman View Post
    yeee doggie, heh heh, installed and booting from external USB drive.
    Congrats ...
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    Multiple computers with usb hdd

    Got grub and linux running perfectly on my usb hdd all running nice but it wont work in other computers which is the purpose of doing it. It all boots from other computers even ubuntu logos etc but then it comes up and says xserver couldnt be started because of the different video cards? how can i get it to detect every time or something? So it works more like the live cd but remembers settings?


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    Lightbulb RE: ubuntu and external hard drive

    Would you need to have the system remember the settings for each computer? That would eventually involve a huge xorg.conf file! How about using something like the Knoppix Mkxf86config or and getting it to overwrite the xorg.conf file every time you boot it with a default res for the monitor (maybe 1024x768 or so). You wouldn't need it to remember settings then because you could put all window manager settings files in your /home/$USER partition

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