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Thread: Disk Formatting

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    Disk Formatting

    I want to reinstall on a different First HDD, but the disk needs to be reformatted.

    I would like to install an old Win98SE first, Then SuSE Linux again, but how do I first reformat the disc please?

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    first fdisk -l and get the drive divided up with your partitions: sudo fdisk /dev/hda

    then format partition 1 for etxt3 as an example: sudo mke2fs -j /dev/hda1 and so on for next partitions.

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    The first (/dev/hda1) will probably want to be vfat (fat32) if Win 98SE is going to go onto it.

    That said, if this is the only hard-disk in the box then a Knoppix or other live-cd distro would allow you to format the disk while running from the cd-rom drive.

    Cfdisk, fdisk GnuParted and Gparted are all tools you may find on live-cd.

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