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Thread: FC6 WPA Supplicant - Linksys WMP54GS NIC

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    FC6 WPA Supplicant - Linksys WMP54GS NIC

    So I have this Linksys WMP54GS NIC (broadcom chipset), installed with FC6. The OS detects the card as "eth1" in hwconf. lspci shows it too.

    I tried installing WPA supplicant and/or ndiswrapper over and over again (I wasn't sure which one was necessary) and got these messages in dmesg:

    bcm43xx: set security called, .level = 0, .enabled = 0, .encrypt = 0
    SoftMAC: Associate: Scanning for networks first.
    SoftMAC: Associate: failed to initiate scan. Is device up?
    bcm43xx: PHY connected
    bcm43xx: Error: Microcode "bcm43xx_microcode5.fw" not available or load failed.
    bcm43xx: core_up for active 802.11 core failed (-2)

    Tracking down the error on google, I found this link on Broadcom bcm43xx wireless support in Fedora Core

    Anyone had experience with fwcutter? It looks like it installs the NIC firmware by extracting it from the Windows driver set.

    Does this mean I won't have to install ndiswrapper afterwards. Web searches don't seem very clear on this.

    The other thing is with WPA supplicant. Do I put the SSID and keys only in the wpa_supplicant.conf file and not in the ifcfg-ethX and keys-ethX files? Web pages aren't so clear on it either, but it looks like I shouldn't have to do this with the .conf file alone being enough.

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    My experience has been that fwcutter works well. The link gives the correct methodology to do it.

    With WPA supplicant, whatever you specify in wpa_supplicant.conf doesn't need to be replicated in ifcfg-ethX. Only add "type=Wireless" part, and you should be OK.


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