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Thread: Invoking an SSH client by clicking a URL Link

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    Invoking an SSH client by clicking a URL Link

    Is it possible in Linux or Windows to invoke a SSH client by clicking a URL Link?

    I maintain a lot of network and servers that have their console ports connected to a console server. If the device is on port #1 of the server, then to get to the console port via an SSH session, you use the command:

    ssh console-server-ip port-number
    We use a wiki to document a lot of the department's procedures. It would be nice to have an SSH link page for all the console ports, instead of having to cut and paste from a static page.

    If the links work, then my staff would be more willing to keep the links up to date.

    I know it works with telnet, just fine, with the telnet:// prefix. How can I get a ssh:// one to work?

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    I would try linking to a .bat file that does the connection. Not very secure, though.
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