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Thread: Good wireless keyboard

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    Good wireless keyboard

    I'm getting to the stage when I need to depart with my beloved keyboard. It has served me well for the last 10 or so years, but now, with the ever increasing amount of junk on my desk, I find I need to go wireless.

    I'm looking for something simple, that doesn't have 8 million hotkeys I'm never going to use. Is that too much to ask? Does anyone know of a decent wireless keyboard, that is JUST an old fashioned standard keyboard? No fancy buttons, lights, displays, whistles or anything else.


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    I seen a few by Logitech on for around $25 and some commenters say it works with Linux. I guess most offer a mouse with it too.

    I'm thinking of getting one not too soon.
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    Logitech are definitely the brand I'm leaning towards. They seem to make some nice hardware. I was considering modifying my current keyboard for a while, but I think as "fun" as it would be, it will probably be too hard.

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    I used the Logitech Navigator Duo, for about 2 years, and it worked great. Switched to the G15 and MX1000 for obvious reason though.
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