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Thread: Small Networking Issue

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    Small Networking Issue

    I have set a FreeBSD server up on our work network with apache, samba, qmail etc etc and everything works fine. The router which it directs to for the network is 192,168.0.1. Which I have setup in the rc.conf.

    Now I want to take it home and connect it to a single windows XP PC, so I can do some development at home.

    Problem is the XP PC won't find it.

    Do I need to set the FreeBSD server up as a router, gateway or DHCP or all of the above?

    Cheers Downtown

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    What does "the XP PC won't find it" means?

    You are unable to ping it? You are unable to use a particular service?
    You cannot see the shares?

    is the Windows PC on the same subnet?
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    Are you using a crossover cable? If you are connecting for one to the other w/o a router/switch then you probably want to use one.
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