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Thread: BabyM$ Migrator-Digital Video Editing in Linux;AMD FX nForce4 mainboards, LT=Asus Z71

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    Lightbulb BabyM$ Migrator-Digital Video Editing in Linux;AMD FX nForce4 mainboards, LT=Asus Z71

    Apparently any GNU/Linux bundle is fair game {*}, so I would just ask other users to specify what bundle Version and relevant Hardware is being referred to in the Title when starting a new thread. I have 5+ socket 939 desktop systems, and experiment w/ various RAID setups IDE, SATA, IDE+SATA, 0,1,10 (including trying different PCI & PCI-Express add-in cards, ATI HDTV for OTA signals).
    Next experiment is RAID 3, 4 or 5 on a 32 bit PNY SR5103 S-Cure Data Protection card (which currently does not recognize SATA 3.0 HDs in Win XP on any port other than 0!) May try Fedora Core 5, as it seems to have good RAID support (dmraid, etc), Mandriva 2007 does not seem to recognize ** my existing nVidia RAID 0 pair of WD740GD on `Media Shield IDE ROM BIOS 5.50', & I do not recall SLED 10 working!

    I think other newbies biggest first jump other than installing & running GNU/Linux on a single machine would be interfacing a Linux Server w/M$ client machines. At least that is what I would like to try, am setting up a Linux box server (** my FX55 Tyan S2865 box on loan) for a neighbor that uses only M$, the 2 kids (college age) mainly play World-of-Warcraft, etc, and his WiFe (not WiFi) simply hates computers/ technology which is about all we talk about when I visit. Will post any specific Q later.
    My link to a WiFI Q near the bottom explains project #2!

    A big Thank You to Mr. Peter Harrison (Should we call him root?) on starting a forum {*} for this specific topic, I was linked here from LQ! btw, I do not see a spell check. Would like to state my frustrations w/ many other forums in a constructive way to avoid the problems of many low quality threads, while make this forum more helpful (& Linux easy) in providing answers. If I may expand on his Posting Guidelines while explaining how to make better use of the tools we have here;
    1. Please Use all the space available in the title/Subj line, always update it when replying, do not repeat that info in the 1st few lines. During a search B4 posting a new thread, this method really makes it much easier to determine if a thread is relevant when scanning thread(s)/ subjects and reviewing the additional info that pops up in the little box.

    2. State all relevant info. Some lodbies (*aka Lovechild*) may understand what is being referrred to, but please for the benefit of new migrators, especially those w/o any {or little} networking or programming background /experience. It may make this forum much more useful for others when researching a solution to a problem when they find similar details to their own, with a full resolution clearly spelled out, or linked to Good relevant info (HOW 2) that describes the proper steps to fix.
    3. When you finally get it working a concise summation post, (or a new / revised how 2 for newbies) of what finally did the trick to solve your problem thanks the various repliers that donated their time to you.

    Peter, Schotty-Futball= ITALIA rules. (btw, It was not a good place to be an english speaker when Liverpool won big in 1984!)
    Compunuts; Could you please provide more info on getting dish/decoder for PAL programming (to view real sports-aka TourdeFrance, Giro d'Italia, Veulta da Espania etc) here w/o subscription??
    FLOG should only be played in a pasture where the sheep & cattle are grazing the grass, as where it was originally developed, in dear old Scotland. Supplemental watering, Petroleum fueled (& Fertilization) mowing of fairways & greens should be banned/outlawed {Not solely as a Pollution Prevention measure, but think Global Climate change}

    Starfish, I normally ride a custom built (Campy triple) Pinarello, was measured by GiovanniP. in early 1984 @ the factory in Treviso. Bike was delivered in a box a couple of weeks later to the train station in Formia Italia, had FREE delivery to my apartment in Gaeta (& help to setup by local cab driver & a concerned train station employee]. I was USN assigned US 6th Fleet, Mar 1982-Sept 85. Raced locally in Regio Lazio as an amateur for 2 years, but prefer unsupported, fast-paced day trips, touring the Mediterranean port cities & surrounding areas. I and riding partners took a lot of pictures, I used Olympus-1N, 2 & 4 (have shoeboxes of Kodak slides!)

    Not1word-Your link does not work.

    I know Intros are not a good place for Q, but here is my hardware related HOW do I set this up @ the most cost effective method (When done can make it into a HOW 2!)

    HW specs on LT; Suse10.1
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    Welcome to the forums!

    I'll make the suggested modifications to the guidelines. They should help make a difference.

    I have one suggestion. It would be better to answer each thread directly, instead of all in one place. That would help provide a better context to your responses.

    Once again, welcome!

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