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Thread: joe pineapple says 'hi!'

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    joe pineapple says 'hi!'

    hey everyone

    i've just recently installed fedora core 6 onto a 2nd computer and would like to up my linux smarts and get it running smoothly - before i do a dual boot install and screw it all up!

    this forum looks like a hive of info.
    i'm looking fwd to reading thru some of the posts, asking the occassional question and meeting some of the characters on here.

    joe p

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    There are a lot of us having little problems with FC6. Tuxette just went through cardiac arrest getting dual monitors to work with it.

    You are in the good hands of similarly perplexed people.

    Welcome aboard!

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    correction: Tuxette just when through hell making proprietary drivers work.

    Regardless.. welcome, I'll be your FC6 guru for the day, feel free to ask questions in the subforum for Redhat/Fedora questions. You can also consult the common issues thread to see if a solution is already present.

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    Welcome! All FC6 ports supported.
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    Welcome to this forum I hope that we can help each other(all of us).
    This will be over soon, and then I can ...

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    Welcome. I've just recently installed FC6 myself and find it looking very good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovechild View Post
    correction: Tuxette just when through hell making proprietary drivers work.
    Ditto ...
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