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Thread: How to disable DNS updates on LINUX DHCP server?

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    Question How to disable DNS updates on LINUX DHCP server?

    Hi All,
    I am working on Dynamic DNS client implementation. I have the following scenario:
    1) The target under test gets the IP Address from the DHCP server( LINUX) .
    2) After getting the IP Address, my DDNS client would send the update request to the DDNS server directly.

    But currently, DHCP server is sending the update to the DNS server directly from step 1 above.
    Any idea of how to disable DHCP sending DDNS updates ?

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    I've never heard of DHCP server updating DynDNS setting directly for any client. I have one web server running that way with DHCP and the script to update DynDNS setting is reside on the client machine and DHCP server had no idea even I have DynDNS.

    What are the steps you take to implement this config?
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