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Thread: I'm new here... intro

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    I'm new here... intro

    I'm Gehan G.

    Just joined last night, got here from linuxhomenetworking. I installed FC6 last week and was looking for some answers to my questions. I had RH 5 for about a year a while back but blew my mboard out. I finally got a spare system from a friend giving away an old 750mz pc.

    Now i'm trying to relearn where I left off. If it's possible I think linux has gotten harder? Before I had my system set up nice, web page, duel boot, sharing directory with network.. Now i'm struggling to rememer which conf files do what and so on... so i'm sure i'll be a regular on the boards..

    Nice to meet you all i'm sure

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    Welcome to OpenFree! Enjoy your stay.
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    Welcome. We'll be glad to help out.

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    Welcome aboard !!!
    This will be over soon, and then I can ...

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