Well, here I am giving Linux a third chance. I've had nothing but bad luck, because I simply cannot switch 100% over to Linux. Sadly enough, I've got to have my WinXP.

Here's what I've tried to do:

I had a WinXP system up and running great. I decided I wanted to install Mandrake 10, so I partitioned the drive (120gig) with Partition Magic and installed Mandrake on the newly created partition. The install was successful (using the Lilo boot loader) and I was able to boot into Mandrake and use it just fine. All was looking great, and I was VERY excited to have a Linux OS installed on my system so I could start learning all I could about it. Unfortunately, all went downhill from there.

Upon reboot to go back into my WinXP partition, I would choose Windows from Lilo, and I would just get a black screen, blinking cursor. No Windows.... I tried to replace the mbr with the original bootloader for Windows, and that didn't work. I had to then do another install of Mandrake to get Lilo back, then boot ONLY into Linux. Needless to say, I had to format the HD fully, and reinstall only Windows XP again...leaving Mandrake to the side again for a VERY rainy day when I had nothing to lose.

And here I am again. I want VERY badly to install Linux and join the proud few, but I don't want to run into these problems again. What should I do?! I checked around the internet, and was told that it was because of the size of my HD. They said the Lilo bootloader wouldn't work on an HD over 60gig (or somewhere near there...but said 120gig was way too big) I sort of confirmed this when I installed both XP and Mandrake on a 20gig hard drive, using the exact same process, and it went flawlessly, booting into both OSes whenver I wanted!! How can I successfully install this and still be able to boot into both OSes on my 120gig? Or even better, I have that 20gig installed beside my 120gig in this system....I'd like to leave only Windows on the 120gig and install Mandrake on the 20gig. Shouldn't I be able to do this? If so, how do I without running into the previously mentioned problems?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!