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Thread: init not working

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    init not working


    In terminal I su - and then run init 3 and the machine freezes at this point:

    Starting irqbalance:
    Starting anacron: [OK]

    ... and then it hangs.

    I tried rebooting into runlevel 3, but all that is doing is adding identical entries to grub.

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    Try booting into single-user mode form grub. When you get to your grub bootloader, go to edit your boot profile, and add "single" at the end of your kernel line. After you boot into single-user mode, then type "init 3". Are you having issues with X?
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    I am having issues with an Intel graphics card and FC6.
    Thread is here

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    Any errors on /var/log/errors?
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    perhaps using 'telinit 3' instead of init.
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    There is no \var\log\errors directory

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