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Thread: Sun 'releases' Java to the world

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    Sun 'releases' Java to the world

    I hope announcement this means that we'll get the JRE and JDK as an easy to install RPM / DEB.

    Now I won't have to upgrade Firefox with fear of breaking Java? Now my company's SSL VPN will work easily with Linux? I'm holding my breath.... 1,2,3,4... OK I give up, I won't hold my breath.

    I also hope the JDBC MySQL package won't require copying one or two files around after the installation. I always forget to do it and have to search the web to fix it every time I upgrade / install.

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    First, we don't get the entire thing till March 2007 and even that is a scheduled date which can slip.

    Secondly out of the box the JDK supports fewer platforms than gcj so there will be a great deal of work integrating changes between the two projects.

    I wouldn't estimate seeing a free useful Sun Java in the hands of users before mid 2007 at the earliest.

    That being said I'm overjoyed that Sun elected to GPL the Java platfrom and now that they are looking at the GPL for OpenSolaris, Sun is really on the right track.
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