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Thread: Access log in squid 2.5

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    Access log in squid 2.5

    I am new to this forum, so firstly, hi 2 all. i am also fairly new to Linux (so sorry if I ask questions that has been asked hundreds of times already - just point me to the right direction) thanks in advance.

    I have setup FC4 with squid 2.5. I have setup sarg to give me reports from squid's access log. My problem is I would like to have a month's records in the access log before squid rotates logs. My access log grew to 1.2 Mb and then created a new one after a week. I am not sure where / what to change to keep the same access log for at least a month. I had a look in squid.conf, but it is not obviuos to me what to change to achieve above mentioned.

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    The logs are rotated by a nightly cron job using the script named
    Its main configuration file is
    You can get help on how to configure it using the command
    man logrotate
    Pay attention to the "weekly", "daily", "monthly" keywords. There is also a "rotate" keyword that defines the number of rotations to keep. For example
    rotate 4
    keeps 4 weeks of logs, (1 active and 3 archives).

    There is also a "compress" keyword that is used to gzip (or is it zip?) the archived logs.

    Many packages have their individual logrotate configuration files. and these are located in this directory
    These files override the settings in the /etc/logrotate.conf file for each package specified in /etc/logrotate.d

    Squid should have a file in there named "squid". The keywords mentioned above will apply.

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    thank u.

    this helps a lot, think my problem is solved, will c at the end of the week if I made the right changes

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