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Thread: Working into a small LAN

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    Unhappy Working into a small LAN

    I'm a newbie to Linux who's just set up SuSe 9.0 on a new PC being built up. It's connected via a router to my old Win98SE PC and to B/B internet, the plan being to gradually migrate some stuff as needed and as proficiency grows.
    Two questions:-

    1. The router and internet connection all work fine, and the new (linux) PC can see the files in the Win PC, but not the printers even though they are all set to share. What do I do to make the Linux PC see these printers?

    2. Though the Linux PC can see and use the Win98's files, the Win98 PC cannot yet see any files, or anything else, in the new Linux PC.

    Over to the experts!

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    Here's a tutorial on how to share your files using KDE on SuSE:

    About the printer problem, you might want to look at the following threads:
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