Hello Everyone

I'd like to get a recommendations on build environments setups,
available today in the Linux world. Build environments should support
C/C++ code.

I'm looking for a tool / framework that would be :

1. User friendly (web interface)
2. Flexible (can be extended as required)
3. "Standard" - I want it to be based on common known tools such as GNU make.

The intended audience is obviously developers, each working on his
Linux workstation.
For start each developer will be running this tool on his box to
generate his custom builds, the next phase will be setting up build
server with each developer committing to a build queue and co.

The tool should be capable at the very least create recursive builds
of custom written code combined with other open source libraries.

I'm looking for open source tools as a general guide line, but
commercial tools could be considered too.

Thank you for your help,