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Thread: Burger King served pot burgers to cops

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    Burger King served pot burgers to cops

    It's not Linux, or Windows or anything. How could they be so dumb?

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    arrogance breeds ignorance

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    As I put it on the Gentoo Forums it's a waste of good weed, they will not be getting the nice reactions between the THC and the fat going which is the key to eating cannabis. Though you should do this with great care, while you can't physically overdose on THC without injecting insane amounts directly in your veins (and nobody does this), eating cannabis can be 4 times stronger and the effect is delayed by an hour. This leads to some people eating some, thinking that it didn't work and they just need more they eat more and then they get hit rather badly. It will lead to some heavy sleeping and maybe a bad high especially since you have no option of stopping it since it hit your bloodstream.

    So if that happens to you have a lie down and relax - no harm will come to you directly from the cannabis and it will be over in a few hours. You might throw up though and wake up with a kind of mild cannabis hangover (not comparable to an alcohol induced hangover at all - not unpleasant but you won't feel sober)
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