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    Fc6 Ppc

    I was starting to get sick of OpenBSD on the Powerbook, and then decided to give the PPC port of FC a shot. I was surprised how nice this actually works. Talk about a huge advancement in PPC compatibility. I installed FC6 on my 15" Powerbook G4 (5,6), and unlike the previous OSes I installed on it aside from OS X, everything works! At first, I didn't expect much, but even the Airport Extreme wifi card was picked up. Of course, I had to cut the fireware with the Broadcom fwcutter, but after that, the wifi is working great. It looks like the brightness controls are working great, and even the software driven F keys work, which didn't in other OSes. Last, after the updates, the bluetooth was even recognized. Even the touchpad with the auto-setting for the synaptics touchpad works great. A little jittery, but not that bad at all. I do miss my two-finger scrolling, but I'll adapt.

    I have yet to figure out a way to get the keyboard backlight to work, and the sound volume controls, but still it is a lot more than I expected. So, needless to say, it looks like I will be running Linux again, and not just BSD.
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    There's a small community of PPC Fedora users but we desperately need people to test update and help us triage bugs.

    It would be very nice if you would hang out in our irc channel #fedora-testing on freenode or file bugs since not a whole lot of developers really have PPC machines available to testing so it's really hard to remove bugs.

    Oh and I do believe the evdev driver for has the top point scroll thing, it's being made default for 7.3 but you can test it today.
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    Yeah, I think I will join you. So far xmodmap is working like crap. I'm starting to disbelieve what my eyes see from xev. Pbbuttons really foobared my lcd screen, but I might try it another time to get the keyboard backlight to work. Then again, if there are plans for such, more native to FC6, then I'll give them I shot. Regardless, I'll jump in to the IRC channel later this week, and see how things are going.

    As for progress, as soon as I get xmodmap working with Pointer_Button2/3, I'll be happy. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to want to bind to any key at all. Same with XF86Audio calls.
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    Well, to add to all of this, after the blowout of my OS X partition, I had to reinstall FC6 after OS X, and left my Firewire external HDD pluged in which had my backups for OS X. FC6 picked it up without a hitch, and was ready to try to install on it. I'm probably going to try to buy a bluetooth enabled phone here soon just to test the bluetooth ability on it as well.
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