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    Got Ubuntu

    I installed Ubuntu last night due to Fatal's pimping of the distro.
    So far I love it or maybe its just gnome I like so much. I had to install it twice cause it doesn't ask me for a root password and I though I missed what I put in for it. but now I know that the install doesn't ask you for a root password and you have to enable it afterwards.

    Anyways anybody got a stacked sources.list I could grab off of you, it would be greatly appreciated as mine seems a little lite even after I do some uncommenting.

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    YEah, the no root password thing is a pain in the a$$. They seem to think that you should just do everything with sudo. Its easy enought to change tho. Good distro all in all.

    I wont have access to my machine for a while so unfortunately I can't help you out the with more sources.
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    I fixed the root thing but not till after I had to learn most of the vi commands to fix some stuff up. it seems for the first couple days after installing a distro I'm usually logged in as root setting everything up which I couldn't do right away til I figured it out. I guess its a good thing I learned how to use vi thou.

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    System > Administration > Synaptic package manager > Settings> Repositories.

    Highlite a section and click ADD. Not all sections have a 'Universe' or 'Multiverse' That seems to get everything and its better than apt, 'least for me.

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