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Thread: Domain name and my IP address

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    Domain name and my IP address

    I have an internet access from my cable company (I assume my cable company gives me dynamic IP??).

    I want to host my homepage on my Linux box, and I want it to be named as,say,

    I think I need to apply for the domain name ( from a company such as yahoo.

    But how can I map that url to my machine? How can DNS knows this for my (possibly dynamic allocated) IP?


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    There is no easy way to map your dynamic IP to your domain name. When you buy domain name, you will be asked to choose nameservers. Those are the ones keeping track of your name to your IP address. There you will set up which IP address will represent your domain name.

    A lot of people use other services such as to keep track of IP address changes. But then again, the domain name becomes .
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    You can buy a domain name from GoDaddy or Yahoo or whoever, and then use a service like DynDNS or NO-IP to redirect the website to your dinamic ip. Keep in mind, though, that it is against most ISP's terms of service to host a server with a home connection.
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