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Thread: Qmail in RHEL AS 4

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    Exclamation Qmail in RHEL AS 4


    i would like to install qmail mail package in RHEL AS4 .

    can anyone can tell what is the procedure for qmail installation in RHEL AS4 ?

    And what are the package require for installation ?

    How to create redundant mail servers in RHEL AS

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    I googled 'rhel + qmail"
    This came back:
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    Smile Qmail Installation

    It's a very good link to install qmail.

    Please go through,,,,,,,,,, if face any problem feel free to contact me

    mail id:

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    IF he contact you with personal email, none of the people later on who have problem with qmail will learn from your help. If you encourage him/her to post here, it will help all of us. That's the reason we have forums?
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    It's also not a good idea to post your email address on a web page. Spambots will find it and you will soon find your inbox full of junk mail.

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    I still put email addresses on my sites, but I use this to encrypt it. I made a redirect with an email I never use to test it, and works great.
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