I am about to format my current Windows XP partition because it is getting rather full. in the process, I will be installing Slackware 11.0 on a new partition in un-partitioned space. let me first tell you about how things look now.

Windows XP is installed on a 14.2GB partition, on a 20GB HDD. I plan on creating a new partition for Slackware in the remaining 5 something gigabytes (I realize there is a swap partition with Slackware, but lets just say Slackware in general will be installed in this unpartitioned space, since the little details aren't really important here).

Now, I don't know which OS I should install first. As I said Windows XP is getting re-installed. If possible, I would like to get prompted with a screen (preferably from Windows) asking which OS I would like to boot into at my computer's startup. I realize this is probably impossible using the Windows XP dual boot menu, since Windows probably offers no support for Linux whatsoever (the dual boot menu is likely intended for dual booting different versions of Windows). However I can't rule out this possibility. It just may be possible for me to be able to select to boot into Slackware from the Windows XP dual boot menu, and if it is, that is exactly what I would like to try to accomplish here. If its not, I can settle with LILO or GRUB, but would still need clear instructions on setting it all up properly.

I realize this would probably involve installing Windows first. But I am still unsure of which to install first. I know alot of people have their computers set up for dual booting with Windows and Linux, so I will ask, what is the best and easiest way to set up a dual boot Windows + Linux system?

Could anyone please provide me with any recommended links, or offer me some advice/input with what I am trying to accomplish here? As I said both OSes will be a fresh install, I don't need help with installing Windows, however I am new to Linux and this type of thing.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much in advance.