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Thread: Members visiting in last 24 hours

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    Members visiting in last 24 hours

    I've added a new feature on the forum homepage that lists the number of members who have visited over the past 24 hours.

    I was browsing the vBulletin forums and it was mentioned as a useful modification to help build a better community, installation seemed easy, so I installed it.

    Let me know whet you think.

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    I have seen those before and it is OK. Personally I could care less but some seems to like the fact to check who was ON and when. Good tool to have I guess.
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    Thanks for , I don't really know how to communicate with this media, and your stuff show me some feedback, but I am not really feelling good with a forum, just for seeing somewhere, mouse or port and I don't possibly correspond with other than this: it's cursor on desktop in FC5, ex: in Ubuntu it's correct with same harware and connection.
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