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Thread: Free Ubuntu CD's Shipped

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    Free Ubuntu CD's Shipped

    Ubuntu is currently giving away free cd's and covering shipping as well as encouraging you to get a couple to pass out to your friends. Check it out, I just ordered 15 cds for free.

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    yea, they've been doing it for a while. Good way to get out there.

    More distro's should do it.

    The only thing is there was a problem with the live cd's that shipped with one batch of them.... nothing worked.

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    It s a great idea, I'm giving them all away at work except for 1 or 2 for myself.

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    When I got the 4.10 pressed disks I handed them out at work and people thought I was a cultist. They were like, "Why are you just giving this to me?" Are you trying to converty me to your religion? Whats the catch? Are you a cultist? Is this some sort of propaganda?"

    Needless to say, after many asked me if this fit in the cup holder on their computer, I gave up and kept the rest for myself!!
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