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Thread: XGL/Beryl.

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    I havent posted on this forum for a few months, i remember it from whe ni first started out on my Linux journey. I remember asking how to Mount my Harddrive, lol. And you were all very helpfull.

    Anyways, has anyone tried XGL with beryl, it is amazing, it has a new Raindrop feature, i dont know if this is old news or not, but i just wanted to share teh wonderfull XGL with everyone.

    Here is a screen shot, in mid spin and with rain effect:

    beryl is good, it lets you choose multiple themes, and best of all i am still able to run CEDEGA, on a seperate session.

    Anyone else tried XGL?

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    I am running it, but would have turned it off it it wasnt for the fact FC6 is out now ;D

    Alot of oddball quirks on Breezy Badger here. Looking forward to getting AIGLX working rather than XGL.

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