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Thread: Sun's Data Center in a Box

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    Sun's Data Center in a Box

    Sun has created a data center in a 40 foot shipping container for deployment in remote, disaster stricken or war torn areas. You still need to hook it up to electrical power.

    I think I need one for my living room.

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    It won't fit to your living room (unless you take the roof out and re-install it ) but it will fit your backyard.

    Innovative idea although I've seen a few data centers in shipping containters before but that was exactly why Sun see the need to come up with, space shortage.
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    I'd stick it in my backyard and have it run SETI or Folding or something.

    Can you plug it into a wall outlet and use DSL?

    What a great idea! Hold on, I'll be right back, I need to run out and buy some power strips...

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    Just put it in the house sideways. Just make sure that it obstructs as much as possible.
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    Nifty, but I think not as useful as we may think. The demand would be pretty low to begin with, and being SPARC most likely, uncheap to start out. This would be one pricey mobile pr0n server.

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