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Thread: is there any body who can solve my problem

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    is there any body who can solve my problem

    Hi everybody I am quite a new user to Linux and also to
    Well i have a problem. I want to play a VCD and DVD in Linux and i have used too many RPM's but one them i.e Realplayer for linux worked but it plays only MP3. when i download RPM with .tar extension or with any other extension i install then through text mode i.e to extract them and then install them and i perform each and every step that has mentioned in the "HOW to install" text file. I unzip the RPM but when i go for the "./config" command then it doesn't work.

    I want any body who can send a working RPM that can play both VCD and DVD and also the proper procedure to install it. I will be so much thankful to that person

    Email it to my Hotmail ID my Hotmail ID is ""

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    I doubt anyone will email you an answer: it defeats one of the purposes of a forum, which is to provide info for many people to be able to find, even after your problem is solved. If anyone emailed you an answer, then only you would have it.
    We need more information to help you. What distribution and version of linux are you using? Also, saying "it doesn't work" is not very helpful. What happens? do you get an error? does the computer turns off? Does a UFO comes from outer space and abducts your cat?
    It seems you are confused about the way you install software under linux. Basically, there are two ways: precompiled binary packages dependant on a specific distribution (such as rpm, tgz, deb's, etc.) and source code that you compile. Most of the time, when you do a "./configure" you are preparing your environment for compiling an app. But anyway, that's besides the point.
    There are many apps that will play dvd's under linux. Off the top of my head, I know MPlayer, Xine and Videolan. You can either get the sourecedoe of either of these and install from scratch, or get precompiled binaries for your distribution and version (much easier.) If I knew what distribution and version you are using, I probably could have pointed you in the right direction. Unfortunately, my telepathic powers don't seem to be working today...
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    I use Totem with Xine backend for VCD playback.
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    You can use Kaffeine with Xine.
    It is very good.
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