Hi everybody I am quite a new user to Linux and also to openfree.org
Well i have a problem. I want to play a VCD and DVD in Linux and i have used too many RPM's but one them i.e Realplayer for linux worked but it plays only MP3. when i download RPM with .tar extension or with any other extension i install then through text mode i.e to extract them and then install them and i perform each and every step that has mentioned in the "HOW to install" text file. I unzip the RPM but when i go for the "./config" command then it doesn't work.

I want any body who can send a working RPM that can play both VCD and DVD and also the proper procedure to install it. I will be so much thankful to that person

Email it to my Hotmail ID my Hotmail ID is "fortune2080@hotmail.com"