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Thread: Can Open Files but not Save

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    Can Open Files but not Save

    Hello, the setup is ubuntu server 6.04 serving XP and 98 via Samba 3.20 A curious problem suddenly arose where users could open files from their home directory but not save them again. At first I thought it was just Word, but the problem extended to many programs except notepad which was okay. The problem also extended past Windows file sharing. Using an ssh or ftp connections the same problem existed. Open but not save. Creating folders and other file management tasks was okay. Eventually I restarted the server and the problems went away. The only difference to the server room is that it has experienced sudden extremes of temperature in the last two days. Cold to Hot to cold. Any ideas or similar stories?

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    It's not exactly the same thing, but I have seen MS Office apps hang when the PC client loses connectivity to a share. It happened very predictably, even if the file that was opened wasn't saved on the share. If Outlook was running, the entire PC would just hang.

    It was caused by a bad NIC on the samba server and the hanging would last for longer periods of time as the card got flakier.

    Did restarting samba before the reboot change anything?

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    Another thing too. I have seen where extreme heat cause your hard drives to fail more frequently. There was a week of high temperatures and they started failing soon afterwards.

    Symptoms included unexpected data loss, power light on but "no one home", and "roll over and die".

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