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Thread: Looking for a secure form mail script

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    Looking for a secure form mail script

    I started my website out using the form mail program at Matt's script archive, but quickly started to get a lot of automated spam. I think the script was also being used to generate spam to other people on the net too.

    Now I am using more secure TFmail. But I still periodically get automated spam to my inbox, but fortunately my searches in /var/log/maillog don't show the application sending spam to anyone else.

    I contacted the TFmail guys and they say it's normal. TFmail is secure, and the spammers will soon get tired when they realize they can't hack the app any more than doing random posts to the URL.

    So the question is. Does anyone know of a package as safe as TFmail says they are, that also has come kind of image verification feature?

    I'm tired of "cheap tickets" and "low cost prescriptions".

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    Try FormMailer it's PHP based and uses the GD libraries to generate a random image.

    It uses a customizable template, but I haven't been able to figure out how to eliminate the gray box around the email form.

    Works very well for me.

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